Welcome to Valutec Card Solutions!

Effective February 13, 2009, all activities and functions of the Enterprise Division office (formerly Mellennia), located in Beaverton, Oregon were transitioned to Valutec's main Tennessee office. The closure of this office will not affect transactions or order processing, which is already handled by Valutec. Valutec is based in Franklin, Tennessee, and acquired Mellennia in November 2005.

For more information about services provided by Valutec, please visit our website at: http://www.valutec.net

We want to ensure you have the correct phone numbers should you need any service or products. Please make note of the phone numbers below:

Merchant Support:
1-877-273-5551 - Voice Response Unit
1-888-381-8258 - Valutec Customer Service
cservice@valutec.net - Email Support

sales@valutec.net - Email Sales Support

Please note that as of the week of February 13, 2009, any email sent to customerservice@mellennia.com will automatically forward to the Merchant Support email address referenced above. Any local phone numbers for the Enterprise office will be disconnected or forwarded to the appropriate departments at Valutec.

We look forward to serving you!